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Former Michigan football player faces criminal charges

When a person thinks of the word "crime" they may think of crimes such as murder, drug trafficking and other high-profile crimes. However, even a misdemeanor can result in significant penalties that can complicate a person's life and even create problems in the future.

Ruling made against warrantless cell site data collection

An important thing to remember is that police cannot simply do anything they want in criminal investigations. One of the most notable restrictions placed on police actions is the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits the government from committing unreasonable searches and seizures. Under this restriction, there are many different police actions that authorities generally can only take if they have a warrant.

US spends more annually on prisons than on food stamps

How much do you think the United States spends on its system of jails and prisons per year? If you guessed $80 billion, then -- wow, that was impressive. That is correct, and it also breaks down to $260 per person in the country. That's a staggering figure, one that even surpasses the amount the U.S. spends on food stamps annually ($227 per person in the country).

The unofficial return of debtors' prison is a huge problem

Have you ever heard of a "debtors' prison"? If not, that's okay. Debtors' prisons were outlawed before the Civil War, and on a number of occasions the Supreme Court has reiterated the fact that such prisons are not acceptable. Debtors' prison is an idea, really, and it's an amazingly simple one. If you can't pay your court fees or other associated legal fees such as fines and probation charges, then you are thrown in jail.

Man sues police, media after being wrongfully accused of crime

When it comes to criminal charges, the actual punishment that is associated with the charges is only one part of the consequences that the accused person deals with. Jail time, fines, probation -- these are just a few of the legal penalties that a person can deal with. But in many cases, the indirect consequences of the charges on their lives are more punishing than the legal consequences.

Internet crime and data breaches present tough situation

As most Michigan residents heard over the holiday season, target was embroiled in a massive data breach incident. Millions of people had their credit card information and personal information stolen by hackers who were easily able to break Target's security protocols. As a result of this story, many people were introduced to the idea of internet crime and data breaches, even though these things have been happening for the last two decades. This was just the iconic incident that pushed such crime into the eyes of the masses.

Grand Rapids trial of alleged rapist delayed pending new evidence

Those accused of shocking sex crimes in Michigan will find little sympathy from their community. The media often report these accusations in ways that are sensationalistic and lead the public to believe the accused is guilty before he or she has gone to trial. However, it's always important to remember that all those accused of crimes must be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Man faces murder charge in slaying of Michigan State student

When news media report that someone has been charged with a shocking crime, it can be hard to remember that that person must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Still, the cornerstone of our criminal justice system is the concept that everyone accused of a crime, no matter how serious the crime, deserves a criminal defense.

18 year old faces murder charge in Michigan DUI accident

After reading news reports of a drunk driver allegedly causing a fatal accident, many Michigan residents feel nothing but anger at the driver. One drunk driving prosecution currently under way in Michigan shows how these accidents can be disastrous for everyone involved, especially when the penalties that go with a conviction can be so high.

18-, 22-year-olds face 20 years in prison on bank robbery charges

There are a number of teenagers and young adults who make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are relatively small, but sometimes they are far more serious than adults would expect. The important thing is, however, that these teenagers learn from their mistakes, but are not punished too harshly. Too severe of a punishment could rob a child of his or future without giving him or her the chance to reform his or her behavior.

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