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Man flees after woman reports alleged domestic violence

Most Michigan residents likely never expect themselves to be charged with a crime For example, charges related to domestic violence can surprise a person if a domestic argument gets out of hand and an arrest results. Many people may not know how to react in such a situation.

Popular soccer player faces charges of domestic assault

Many sports fans across Michigan are enjoying the spectacle of the World Cup. Whether they are cheering for the underdog United States team or rooting for another international powerhouse, soccer fans are being treated to some of the best competition the world has ever seen. While on the field exploits of popular players have been dominating sports page headlines, one member of the American women's soccer team has made the news for a very different reason.

Supreme Court upholds gun ban for domestic violence offenders

Michigan residents who have been convicted on domestic violence charges face many penalties, including fines and prison sentences. However, many do not realize that some of these penalties continue to limit their freedom long after they have served their time and paid their fines.

Michigan man says girlfriend bit off part of his ear in fight

Recently in Michigan, a woman was arrested after police said she bit off part of the ear of her boyfriend in a domestic violence incident. She has been jailed on a $10,000 bond and faces charges of aggravated assault.

Basketball player's domestic violence charges dropped

Anyone in Grand Rapids who follows basketball may have heard that DeAndre Liggins of the Oklahoma City thunder had been charged with a host of crimes. Fortunately, the domestic violence charges against the guard have been dropped. He isn't out of the woods just yet, however, as his criminal defense attorney expects that prosecutors will refile a lesser charge of misdemeanor domestic abuse. Though it is a misdemeanor, that charge can do considerable damage to the career and reputation of a professional basketball player.

Bay County Sheriff's deputies investigate domestic violence claim

Anyone who has been following our blog knows that Michigan police are required by law to arrest someone when they believe there is evidence of domestic assault. Even if it is not clear who is at fault, police will arrest someone. Though they may eventually release the individual without charging him or her with domestic violence, the damage to a reputation may already be done.

Famed hiker has domestic violence charges dropped

Whether many people in Grand Rapids had heard of Aron Ralston before James Franco played him in the movie "127 Hours" or not, they likely now know of the hiker who was forced to amputate his own forearm after getting caught while "canyoneering." While the dramatic incident was made into a movie, Ralston has also written a book, become a motivational speaker, and has climbed the highest peaks in all 50 states. That fame, however, also made his arrest for domestic violence all the more public.

Man and woman have different stories after Michigan car accident

Accusations are flying after a car accident in Fillmore Township late last month. The driver of the vehicle appears to have crashed the car into a ditch on the Blue Star Highway near 58th Street, but he is saying that the accident was caused by his passenger. He says that the woman pulled the emergency brake as he was driving. At the same time, the woman is claiming that the two had gotten into a fight and that he had assaulted her by hitting her in the side of the head. What actually happened remains to be seen.

Different stories surround domestic violence charges

When someone is charged with domestic assault in Grand Rapids, there is often some kind of evidence that one person was being aggressive and the other was not. Maybe someone has a bruise or a cut, but there is generally something that police can point to to support an arrest. If there is no physical evidence, there may be testimony from people who heard or saw something.

Suburban Detroit father takes children on 'rogue camping event'

A 50-year-old man from Orchard Lake, a suburb of Detroit, is being questioned after he and his three children became the focus of a manhunt. The Leelanau County Sheriff has described the trip as "a rogue camping event," but many are questioning his decision after his wife filed domestic violence charges against him.

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