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While you have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, people tend to believe the victim in sex crime cases. This can only be overcome by aggressive representation by an experienced defense lawyer.

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I am Grand Rapids sex crimes lawyer James Champion. If you have been charged with a sex offense in western Michigan, you are in a very serious situation. Your future and your reputation are at stake, not just your liberty. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Defending You Against Charges Of Child Molestation, Sexual Abuse And Rape

In Michigan, sex crimes are charged as criminal sexual conduct. There are four degrees of criminal sexual conduct, depending on the age of the victim and whether there was penetration. Sex crime convictions are subject to sex offender registration, which will change how you live your life, even after you have been released from prison. With so much at stake, you should put your case in the hands of a professional as soon as possible.

The main sex crimes people are charged with include:

Immediately upon being convicted of a sex crime, you will face being placed on the sex-offender registry. This list makes your life extremely difficult. Not only will it forever impact your ability to receive an education or obtain employment, but it will significantly limit where you can live. This registry is only one of many penalties you could face, however.

Don’t risk losing your future. I can help you build a defense against your charges.

Don’t Talk To The Police

People accused of sex crimes often make two fundamental mistakes. One is talking to the police. The other is hoping the alleged victim will change his or her story.

Talking to the police will only help the prosecution. Police officers may not even have enough evidence to charge you with a crime before they interview you. Inadvertently, you could give the police and prosecutors the information they need.

Hoping the alleged victim will recant or change his or her story is not a viable strategy. If the alleged victim changes his or her story, he or she could be charged with filing a false report. Only an aggressive defense can help get at the truth. The police won’t challenge the alleged victim’s story. Only your attorney will. Make that attorney James K. Champion.

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The sooner you contact an attorney, the better off you’ll be. There is no cost to discuss your case with me, attorney James Champion. To schedule a telephone or in-person consultation, call 888-898-5831 or fill out the contact form on this website.

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The sooner we discuss your case, the better off you’ll be.

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