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Driver’s License Restoration

Most people don’t realize how important it is to hire an attorney to represent them at a driver’s license restoration hearing. Your chances of getting your driver’s license back at your hearing are much better if you have a lawyer professionally managing your appeal. However, without a lawyer, the chances of success go down considerably.

Experienced Lawyer With Success In License Restoration Hearings

Being a criminal defense lawyer for years, I, James K. Champion, know how to fight to protect your right to drive. If your driver’s license has been revoked, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. I represent people whose driver’s licenses have been revoked for:

Professional Licenses In Michigan

Protecting your right to drive is especially critical if you have a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL). You could lose your job and the impact on your life could be profound. Build your defense today and protect your livelihood by putting me, Jim Champion, by your side. I will help you through a suspended license and even a complete revocation.

How To Succeed At Your Driver’s License Restoration Hearing

To have your driver’s license restored after a revocation, you must wait until you are eligible to apply for a hearing at the Michigan Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD) and satisfy the requirements of the DLAD.

At this hearing, the burden will be on you to provide clear and convincing evidence that you have the motivation and ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. This is different from a criminal case, where the burden of proof is on the state.

As your lawyer, I will pull up your motor vehicle records to see what information the DLAD is operating under. Every case is unique, and we must provide evidence that will address the reasons why your driver’s license was revoked. Examples of evidence that you have the motivation and ability to operate a motor vehicle safely include:

  • Participation in counseling programs
  • Letters of support
  • Completion of drug treatment programs
  • Participation in AA
  • Completion of safe driving courses

Make A Plan With A Skilled Attorney Regarding Your Drivers’ License Restoration

Contact my law firm, the Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC, for advice on how to get back on the road again. Driving is a privilege many do not appreciate fully until it is ripped away from them. If this has happened to you, I can help you get back in the driver’s seat. Call me in Grand Rapids at 888-723-0075 or 616-953-8499.