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A Letter From Founder, Defense Attorney Jim Champion

Before I opened my criminal defense law practice in Grand Rapids, I was in another firm for many years. Prior to that, I was in private business for 13 years. I believe that my business background gives me a broader perspective than an attorney who only knows the law.

I have business acumen and sales experience that helps me understand the many constituencies that may be involved in a criminal case. Those constituencies include police, the prosecutor and the judge. As a business person, I learned how to sell my product to boards and executives. Today my product is my client’s innocence, and I need to sell it to prosecutors and judges and juries. I represent people charged with serious crimes ranging from drunk driving to drug possession to criminal sexual conduct.

Always Fighting To Protect Your Rights

I love trial work. To me, there are two types of lawyers out there: those who will try to dispose of your case quickly by negotiating a plea, and those who will fight for you. I am a lawyer who will fight for you. If we need to try your case to get a fair result, I look forward to doing that.

The primary focus of my law practice is criminal defense, but I also help people with issues such as business transactions, divorce, child custody issues and worker’s compensation. People live complicated lives, and as an attorney I help my clients deal with all of the legal issues they face. If you need help in an area of law in which I don’t practice, I’ll be more than happy to refer you to a lawyer I trust.

Reach Out To Me For Help

My law office is located in Heritage Hills in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, just down the street from the courthouse. I offer a free initial consultation. To schedule a telephone or in-person consultation, call 888-898-5831 or fill out the contact form on this website.


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