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Home Invasion

When most people think of home invasion, they picture someone smashing in a door or window to enter a home. While that used to be true, the laws have changed in such a way that you could be charged with home invasion even when you do not think you are invading anything at all.

As a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney, I, James Champion, defend the rights of those charged with home invasion. If you have been charged with home invasion or burglary in western Michigan, contact me for a free initial consultation.

The most important thing to know about home invasion is that you do not actually have to break anything or invade the home to be charged with a crime.

Being Charged With Home Invasion When You Do Not Expect It

In even a simple situation where you think you have permission to enter someone’s home, but the homeowner says you do not, you could be charged with home invasion. For example, if you go to party and somehow get in a fight, if the homeowner says you weren’t invited to the party you could be charged with home invasion.

As with all criminal cases, it is important to not say anything to the police without first contacting an attorney. Home invasion or burglary charges can carry sentences of 10 to 20 years, so remaining silent and preserving your rights is vital.

Michigan Breaking And Entering Defense Lawyer

As a Grand Rapids home invasion defense attorney I approach cases intent on going to trial, so that the state will have to meet the high burden of proving that my clients were at the alleged location and that they were there without consent.

In home invasion cases, the most common mistake people make is admitting they actually were at a certain location such as another person’s house. Once they admit that, it does not matter if they thought they had permission to be there, it only matters if the homeowner says they had permission.

Penalties For Home Invasion Charges

Home invasion is a serious crime with serious consequences. Not only could you face large monetary fines, but you could go to jail and face other penalties as well.

Even more important, these charges are felonies. That means you lose the right to possess a firearm and will forever have troubles applying for jobs in the future. A felony is not something you want on your permanent record. Allow me to protect your future by fighting the prosecution at every turn.

Get Your Questions Answered Regarding Your Home Invasion Charges

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