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Defending You Against Embezzlement And Theft Charges In Michigan

A conviction for a property crime can ruin your life, whether it is for shoplifting or something much more serious, like armed robbery. Many prospective employers, educational institutions and landlords will shy away from you if you have a theft crime on your record.

If you the authorities have charged you with any theft crime or they are investigating you, contact Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC. I am James Champion, its founder. I defend clients in Grand Rapids and elsewhere in Michigan in cases involving:

Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC, will provide the experienced criminal defense that you need. You can rely on my aggressive advocacy to protect your rights in a theft or another criminal property case.

What Are The Three Degrees Of Shoplifting?

The penalties for shoplifting vary depending on the value of the stolen goods. In Michigan, there are three degrees of retail fraud.

  • The first degree has the worst penalties and consists of a total value of stolen good that exceeds $1,000.
  • The second-degree charge is for anything between $200 and $1,000.
  • A third-degree shoplifting charge is for anything under $200. This degree has the least severe consequences.

No matter what level of retail fraud you face, you need a lawyer to defend your rights properly in the court.

Are You Being Charged With Conspiracy?

Conspiracy charges can result from your association with anyone who commits a crime. For instance, if someone points the finger at you or you are known to keep company with the accused, police may investigate and subsequently charge you with a crime. If one of your acquaintances is under investigation or has been charged, speak to Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC and I can take steps to protect you.

Contact A Skilled Theft Defense Lawyer For Free

Speak with a skilled lawyer about your case before talking to the police or anyone else, including your employer. Without a lawyer, you might accidentally incriminate yourself. To schedule a free telephone or in-person consultation with me, call 616-953-8499, call toll-free at 888-723-0075 or send me an email.