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Defending Your Future If You Face Violent Criminal Charges

Everyone is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Still, the criminal justice system does not take kindly to people accused of violence. You need an attorney who can stand up for your rights, guide you through the legal system and preserve your presumption of innocence.

If you live in the Grand Rapids metro area, Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC, is here to represent you. As its founder, I defend clients throughout Michigan from all violent criminal charges, including:

This is not my future in the balance: it is yours. You could lose your freedom, or, in some cases, your life. Because I understand the severity of your case, I will work tirelessly to defend your future.

A Champion Who Never Gives Up

I believe that when you hire a lawyer, you hire him to fight for you. When you hire me, I will never simply give up and accept a mediocre plea deal. Prosecutors know that I am willing to take any case to trial and that I intend to win.

Even if you feel that the odds against you are impossible to beat, I will champion your rights and strive for the very best outcome available in your case. This could mean a plea bargain, or it could mean representing you before a judge or jury. If necessary, I will represent you in your appeal.

Recognized For Excellence Throughout Michigan And The U.S.

Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC, has earned a reputation for success and wise counsel. My firm has a history of successful results, including dismissed or reduced charges, plea bargains and not guilty verdicts. I have appeared on news programs including “48 Hours,” “Dateline,” “Good Morning America” and others.

The Knowledge You Need About Criminal Law

We understand that you probably have a bevy of questions if you face a criminal charge. Our team wants to arm you with information. To help, we have answered a few of our clients’ most frequently asked questions in the following section.

What is the difference between assault and battery in Michigan?

Although the terms assault and battery are often used together, each one is a separate offense. Assault involves a threat or action that causes someone to fear for their physical safety. One common example is threatening to beat up someone. Battery involves a physical act against another person. Examples could include punching, kicking, slapping, groping or scratching.

What is the difference between first-degree, second-degree and third-degree murder in Michigan?

In our state, the criminal code defines three different degrees of murder. They include:

  • First degree: The premeditated, intentional killing of another human.
  • Second degree: The deliberate killing of another human without premeditation.
  • Third degree: Also called manslaughter; the voluntary or involuntary killing of someone due to provocation, but without malice.

The sentences for these offenses usually include several years of incarceration.

What happens if you get caught carrying a gun without a permit in Michigan?

Michigan law makes it a felony to carry a firearm anywhere except the premises of your own home – unless you have a concealed pistol license (CPL). If you are caught carrying a gun without a CPL, you face a fine of up to $2,500, a sentence of up to five years in prison and the loss of your right to own a gun.

What are the penalties for a firearms charge in Michigan?

The consequences for a gun-related criminal conviction vary depending on the nature of the offense. However, most firearms charges are felonies. This could result in you:

  • Paying fines of hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • Spending more than one year in prison
  • Losing your right to vote
  • Losing your right to carry a gun
  • Suffering the stigma of being a felon

Do not take a firearms charge lightly. Work with our team to fight it with everything you have so you can enjoy a bright future.

If You Face Criminal Charges, Get A Strong Defense

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