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Domestic Violence

Michigan has a mandatory arrest policy in domestic violence cases. That means if police are called to your home and find evidence that an assault has taken place, they will make an arrest. Someone is going to jail — usually, but not always, it will be a male.

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I am Grand Rapids domestic violence lawyer James K. Champion. Domestic violence charges should be taken very seriously. A conviction can affect your employment, your reputation, your right to own firearms and your freedom. If you have been arrested for domestic assault in western Michigan, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

What Is Domestic Assault?

In Michigan, domestic violence is an assault of anyone with whom you live in a domestic relationship. It could be a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, parent, stepparent or stepchild.

If you are arrested, you will likely be subject to a restraining order and barred from contacting the alleged victim before you are even convicted. If you violate this order, you could be arrested and subject to additional charges.

If you are convicted, the government will have some control over your life. You will have a criminal record that could affect you every time you apply for a job. If you are arrested for anything else in the future, police will treat you differently because you have a criminal history.

Defenses In Domestic Assault Cases

Hoping the alleged victim will not press charges is not a viable strategy. Once an arrest has taken place, the state will proceed with the case even if the alleged victim wants to drop charges. While a diversion program may be available, you would still have to attend classes to meet the terms of your probation.

In some cases, the best approach is to mount an aggressive defense. While I cannot promise results based on past performances, I have never lost a domestic violence case that I have taken to trial in district court.

False Allegations of Abuse

Unfortunately, some individuals feel the need to press domestic abuse charges against a significant other in order to seek revenge or gain an upper hand in a legal battle. This occurs much too frequently in divorce and child custody fights.

When this happens, things tend to spiral out of the accuser’s control faster than he or she imagined. Police will immediately take matters into their own hands and arrest the alleged abuser. Further, prosecutors seldom listen when the accuser recants his or her testimony and no longer wishes to press charges.

If any of these scenarios have happened to you, it is time to speak with an experienced attorney regarding your criminal defense.

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Thinking that you will be okay to represent yourself because you know the accusations to be false is a bad idea. The judge sees hundreds of people who say the same thing every day. Put a skilled Michigan defense lawyer behind you by calling 888-723-0075.