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Fraud charges can be very complex and very unique for every individual. This makes it very important to have an experienced Grand Rapids fraud defense lawyer in your corner. At the Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC, I have represented numerous individuals through their white collar criminal charges, and I have the proven skills to help you as well.

If you have been charged with or are being investigated for charges of fraud, contact my Michigan law office immediately. I am Grand Rapids criminal law attorney James K. Champion, and I am ready to fight to protect your rights.

Michigan Fraud Defense Lawyer Based In Grand Rapids

Fraud charges can take many forms, including violations of both criminal and civil laws. Generally, fraud is either an attempt to deceive others for personal gain or an attempt to deprive other people of their rights. The one common theme between all types of fraud charges is that all of them are serious. Common types of fraud charges can include:

  • Computer fraud: The use of a computer to commit any type of fraud will result in a computer fraud charge.
  • Credit card fraud: Using another’s credit card number without his or her permission will result in a credit card fraud charge.
  • Bad checks: Bad checks arise when you attempt to write a check on someone else’s account or draft a check with insufficient funds to cover your purchase.
  • Forgery: Creating false documents or signing another’s signature for your own personal gain can result in forgery charges.
  • Tax evasion or tax fraud: Failing to report income or in other ways lying to the IRS can result in tax evasion or tax fraud charges.
  • Bank fraud: Bank fraud occurs when you illegally gain possession of money through a financial institution. It can also arise when you pretend to be a financial institution in order to gain other people’s money.
  • Counterfeiting: Manufacturing a “fake” product and selling it under a recognized brand name is counterfeiting.
  • Embezzlement: The stealing of money or property from an employer or another institution by a person in a trusted position (e.g. a lawyer, bookkeeper, or accountant) can be punished by hefty fines and long prison sentences.

If you’ve been charged with any of these crimes, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Without a vigorous and aggressive defense, you could not only be facing large monetary fines and jail or prison time, your career and livelihood may also be at risk.

Fighting Charges Of Fraud Throughout Grand Rapids

No matter what type of fraud you are being investigated for or have been charged with, I can assist you through the process. By fighting the prosecution at every turn, I can help to minimize the consequences you face and will strive to have your charges eliminated. Whether you are facing accusations of securities fraud, health care fraud, business fraud, insurance fraud or any other type of white collar crime, you can rely on my experience to protect your rights in court.

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