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Defense Against Murder Charges in Grand Rapids

In murder cases, it is often what the defendant does after the alleged murder that determines whether or not he or she is found guilty. When you are charged with something as serious as murder, it is important to have an attorney on your side who has experience handling homicide cases.

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In most cases, actions and statements can be explained and mitigated. When charged with murder, it is more important than ever to contact an attorney before talking to the police. Murder charges present unique challenges, and an attorney can help prevent you from being misunderstood or having your words misinterpreted.

Different Degrees Of Murder

In Michigan, you may be charged with either first-degree murder or second-degree murder. Both of these are very serious felonies with the possibility of serving life in prison. First-degree murder is the intentional killing of another individual. It cannot happen accidentally. First-degree murder can include other types of killing, however. If you kill an officer in the line of duty or kill another individual while committing a felony (felony murder), you will also be charged with murder in the first degree.

Second-degree murder is all other forms of homicide. This can include knowingly creating a great risk of serious bodily harm or knowingly creating a high risk of death.

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Murder charges are different from most other criminal law charges because:

  • There is not a victim who can testify.
  • If there is not any evidence, the case may come down to circumstantial evidence.
  • It is what the defendant says or does (or doesn’t) that determines if he or she is convicted.
  • The penalties are very severe.

It is important to have a lawyer help you fight your murder charge. I fight hard for my clients every day and prosecutors and police know that I do everything I can to help my clients try to win their cases.

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