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The State Prosecutes Computer Crime Aggressively, So I Will Defend You Aggressively

In our digital age, many crimes take place over the internet. Make no mistake, though—law enforcement takes these crimes just as seriously as crimes that take place in the physical world.

I, James K. Champion, am the lawyer to help you. At my firm, Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC, I offer the experienced, assertive defense for computer crimes that my clients need. As a strong defense attorney who has experience with internet cases, I will work to help you avoid a criminal conviction or a harsh sentence.

What Are The Most Common Computer And Internet Crimes?

In the past ten years, online crime has proliferated. The prevalence of crime online does not make it acceptable. These crimes have very real consequences for both alleged perpetrator and victim. Some of the most common computer crimes of today include:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Hacking
  • Wire fraud or other financial crimes
  • Online harassment and cyberstalking
  • Solicitation of a minor

At the beginning of the digital era, law enforcement agencies had a hard time keeping up with computer technology. Now, however, authorities are incredibly sophisticated when it comes to detecting, tracing and prosecuting internet crimes.

I Will Take Even The Most Difficult Case To Court

Cases involving the internet are very different from most criminal cases. Defending cybercrime cases is difficult, but so is prosecuting them. I use a sophisticated understanding of digital technology combined with my skill as a defense attorney to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Prosecutors know that digital crimes are difficult to explain to juries, so they often feel motivated to offer a better plea bargain. If they do not, then I will confidently represent you before a judge or jury at trial.

Talk To Me About Getting An Aggressive Criminal Defense

Contact Law Office of James K. Champion, PLLC in Grand Rapids to schedule your free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting me to defend you against internet crime allegations. To reach me, call 616-953-8499 (888-723-0075 toll-free) or send me an email.