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Possession Of A Weapon By A Felon

If you are convicted of a felony in Michigan, you lose your right to carry a firearm. There are certain situations in which your rights may be restored to you, but the process is very case-specific and complex. If you have been charged with a felony in the past and are now being accused of being a felon in possession, or wish to speak with an attorney regarding having your rights reinstated, I can help.

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Felon In Possession Of A Weapon In Michigan

After a felony conviction in Michigan, it is illegal to do many things with a firearm, including:

  • Transport a firearm: You cannot even have a friend in your vehicle with a firearm who is moving it from one place to another.
  • Possess a firearm: You are not allowed to own or carry a firearm.
  • Use a firearm: It is illegal for a felon to fire a gun.
  • Sell firearms: It is illegal for a felon to be involved in the sale of guns and some other weapons.
  • Receive firearms: It is illegal for you to receive a gun from another individual, even family.

Participating in these activities within three to five years of a felony conviction can result in serious consequences, including up to five years in prison and fines costing you thousands of dollars. I will strive to build a solid defense for your case and fight the prosecution at every turn.

Creating A Solid Defense Immediately

It is important to consult with a skilled weapons crime attorney before speaking with any law enforcement officials. I will be able to investigate the matter to determine if the police had any right to stop you, if you were actually in possession of the weapon and help you to not incriminate yourself.

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